Sunday, March 30, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Gina Iniong vs VV Mei

Here's the fight video of Japanese veteran VV Mei vs Gina Iniong on yesterday's PXC show in the Philippines. A couple of fans asked me to analyze this fight as most believe Mei got jobbed. Though I agree with that, it didn't surprise me. Look, she's going to the Philippines and fighting the home town favourite. Unless Mei wins decisively or finishes, she was brought there to lose. Japanese promoters bring foreigners in to lose all the time. And that's why I don't like the idea of her going to places like that. It's too risky. With her experience, Mei should have won easily. But she didn't. And we all know what happens when a fight is too close. Maybe officials were concerned that if the home town fighter loses a close decision, the fans riot. And I think Gina deserves some credit for showing toughness especially when Mei had her in that round one armbar. I didn't think Mei had it applied properly anyway. There were several times when Gina was in trouble and could have folded like a cheap suitcase. But she came back and did enough to keep it close. And I was not surprised that she won. It was a home town decision. I don't agree with it but it does happen. And the way to avoid it is don't fight there. My advice to VV Mei is make peace with Shigeru Saeki and sign with DEEP JEWELS. Fighting in places like Guam or the Philippines won't help her and now that she has lost both fights, she is really behind the eight ball. Enjoy the video!

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