Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Middleweight Championship match to main event May 18 DEEP JEWELS show

Takayo Hashi, Shizuka Sugiyama
DEEP JEWELS held a press conference today to announce that the next DEEP JEWELS show will be May 18 at Shinjuku FACE. The main event will be for the DEEP JEWELS Middleweight Championship between Shizuka Sugiyama and Takayo Hashi. Neither fighter has distinguished herself recently. Because she's pretty, Sugiyama is a favourite of the DEEP JEWELS core audience of dirty old men. But she has been one big question mark since returning from Australia in 2012. Though she beat Mizuho Sato easily on the Feb. 16 DEEP JEWELS show, Sugiyama fought Korean kickboxer Kim Ji-Yeon to a draw on the Nov. 24 DEEP show. I just finished watching that fight. Sugiyama started out OK but ran out of gas. The fight was only two rounds. Sugiyama would have lost if it had gone three. Hashi had the same problem when she fought the same Korean kickboxer Kim Ji-Yeon to a draw on the Mar. 9 Road FC show in Korea. I just watched that fight too. Hashi is a good fighter when she sticks to judo and jiu jitsu. But she isn't much of a striker and that can get her into trouble. Hashi was cut over her right eye early in the first round and she was lucky to get a draw. Hashi is returning from 2013 knee surgery so I wonder if she is coming back too soon. Maybe Kim Ji-Yeon should be fighting for this title. The other big news is that Saori Ishioka is returning after a two year break to start a family. She is dropping to 48kg to face SARAMI. Ishioka was a decent fighter before but one never knows what she will be like after a long break. SARAMI trains at Club Barbarian and has a 3-3 record. She hasn't beat anyone notable yet so I expect Ishioka to be favoured. Two other fights were announced. 0-5 Yuko Kawabata will return from a two year break to face 0-2 Naomi Taniyama. And 0-1 Shiori Hori will face the debuting Maya Dobashi. I will have more details as the rest of the card is announced.

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