Monday, March 24, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 2 episode 2

So if you watch reality shows, you will know that frequently situations are contrived to create drama. But sometimes these situations are based in reality. On this episode of WWE Total Divas, the major storylines have been contrived to make most of these girls look like idiots. Last week's cliffhanger had John Cena arriving to meet Nikki Bella in San Diego. He successfully reconciles with her despite not committing to marriage or children. He dangled the "We'll discuss it later" carrot and like a stupid donkey, Nikki bit on the carrot. With her sister's wedding coming up, this problem won't go away. She was hoping he would propose marriage. Well, DUH! Later on when a superkick from Tamina Snuka knocks out one of her teeth, she avoids Cena for the rest of the episode because she thinks she's ugly. Huh? I actually believe this story because we know how stupid Nikki is. Cena doesn't know why she is avoiding him. But he catches up to her and laughs when he finds out. I guess he thought it was cute. We are shown that Cena travels in this badass tour bus. Cena is on the road so much that the bus is more comfortable than a plane. It's really decked out. This gives Brie Bella the idea that her fiancee Bryan Danielson is on the road so much, maybe he should get a bus. Bryan isn't crazy about the idea but he will try one out. I'm surprised he agreed to it except the show producers needed a phony storyline for the show. So Brie invites the entire cast of WWE Total Divas on this bus trip to Portland. That's a recipe for disaster. Lately, Eva Marie and Ariane have been traveling together as both are WWE locker room outcasts because they aren't wrestlers. As we saw last season, Eva Marie has this nasty habit of trying to trumpet her own accomplishments at the expense of her friends. JoJo didn't like it last season and Ariane doesn't like it either. JoJo just stopped living with her. But Ariane tries to get back at Eva Marie by showing racy pics of Eva Marie that are very old. She shows them to the entire locker room. But she didn't show them to her tag team partner Trinity because she knows Trinity would have put a stop to it. Meanwhile Nattie Neidhart has a big problem with newcomer Summer Rae based on Nattie's insecurities. But Summer has shown that she won't take any crap from Nattie. This feud is supposed to last the whole season. So when Eva Marie finds out about the pictures, she confronts Ariane and leaves the bus for a hotel. Summer Rae goes with her. It looks like they will travel together. They may be a good match as they are the same age. Maybe Summer can cure Eva of this habit she has of pissing off her friends. Trinity reminds Ariane of her mug shots when she was stopped for a DUI a couple of years ago. How would she like it if those pics were shown at work? So Ariane apologizes to Eva Marie but the apology was not accepted. I was not surprised by that. As I said, this entire episode emphasized stupidity and Ariane is really stupid. Enjoy the video!
Total Divas S02E02 "The Braniel Bus" by aliciafoxy9333

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