Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ham Seo Hee vs Shino VanHoose set for Apr. 6 Road FC show in Korea

Road FC announced that a women's match will be semi-main event on their Apr. 6 show at the Grand Hilton Convention Center in Seoul, Korea. It will be DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Champion ham Seo Hee vs teenager Shino VanHoose. Believe it or not, this will be Ham's MMA debut on her home turf in Korea. She has only been a kickboxer in Korea. And to be fair, she doesn't view herself as an MMA fighter. Her MMA record is 12-5 but if you look at her record, she has never beaten anyone better than her. I guess she wasn't supposed to beat Hisae Watanabe in her 2007 debut. But she did or she would have never fought MMA again. Most of her fights have been at 52kg. But last year she dropped to 48kg and won the DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship with a win over Sugi Rock. She beat Sadae Manhoef on the Nov. 4 DEEP JEWELS show. Her record is a little padded by a couple of joke fights for the CMA Korea co-owned Gladiator like her win last year over Sendai Girls pro wrestler Ryo Mizunami. I think she is more kickboxer than MMA fighter. but she's a really good kickboxer. A couple of years ago, Shino VanHoose was an American living in Japan who was thought to have some potential as a 15 year old. She won her first couple of fights. But then she lost to Kikuyo Ishikawa on a PANCRASE show in Ishikawa's home town of Okinawa in May 2012. Then she lost by submission to Sadae Manhoef on a Nov. 2012 PANCRASE show. So maybe she's not as good as some in Japan thought. So now Shino has moved to Las Vegas and I would think her goal is to get on Invicta's roster. She hasn't fought since Nov. 2012 so Ham is a tough opponent for her to try to impress other promoters. Maybe she's a little rusty. Of course the most interesting thing about this is it is not on a DEEP JEWELS show. They can't afford to have one of their champs missing in action.

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