Saturday, March 29, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Jorina Baars vs Cris Cyborg

Here is the fight video from last night's Lion Fight show in Las Vegas with undefeated Dutch kickboxer Jorina Baars facing Brazilian MMA fighter Cris Cyborg. I think it proves that if Cyborg fights a highly skilled Muay Thai fighter under Muay Thai rules, she can't do what she does in MMA. She tried to do that swarming Chute Boxe stuff but it wasn't effective. Jorina remained calm and stuck to her game plan. I thought the fight was closer than the scores as I think Jorina ran out of gas in the final two rounds. But the ref was incompetent. How many knockdowns did he miss? So I was asked if Cyborg's loss means anything. I dunno. Maybe it means she should stick to MMA. It doesn't change the questions about her. Can she make 135lb and what kind of fighter will she be at that weight? Maybe she won't be as effective. I don't know. The other thing I noticed was some were impressed with Jorina and want to see her try MMA. I have news for you. She has a 1-3 MMA record. Her problem is similar to countrywoman Germaine De Randamie. Jorina is a dominant kickboxer but that doesn't necessarily translate to MMA. And Muay Thai is king in the Netherlands. And if she wanted to concentrate on MMA, she would have to move to the US as Germaine did. Maybe she doesn't want to move. It's just that the MMA training is at a higher level in the US. Enjoy the video!

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