Friday, March 14, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jimmie Noone

Artist:Jimmie Noone
Song:I Know That You Know
Album:The APEX Of New Orleans Jazz

Along with Sidney Bechet and Jimmy Dodds, Jimmie Noone was one of the top clarinetists of the 20s. Though his smooth playing style was influential, he is forgotten because he died prematurely. He was born Apr. 23, 1895 in Cut Off, LA. He started out playing guitar. But he switched to clarinet as a teen and trained with the equally young Sidney Bechet. Noone was in bands led by Freddie Keppard, Buddy Petit, Kid Ory, Papa Celestin and The Young Olympia Band before moving to Chicago in 1917 to join The Original Creole Band. Then he was in King Oliver's band and recorded with Doc Cook. In 1926, Noone led the house band at the Apex Club in Chicago. They were called Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra. Among the members were alto sax player Joe Poston who worked with Noone in Cook's band. And the other was legendary jazz pianist Earl Hines. Noone signed with Vocalion Records in 1928 and I Know You Know was recorded in 1928. It's one of his more significant recordings along with Apex Blues. I Know That You Know was written by Vincent Youmans and Anne Caldwell for the 1926 show Tea For Two. That show was turned into a 1950 film starring Doris Day. Benny Goodman had a hit with I Know That You Know in 1936 and it has been a jazz standard ever since. This budget CD from ASV/Living Era is a good intro to Noone's music. Noone recorded for Vocalion until 1935 and then recorded for Decca and Bluebird. He briefly moved to New York in 1935 and then moved back to Chicago until he moved to Los Angeles in 1943. He joined Kid Ory's band and they were featured on the radio show The Orson Welles Almanac. Sadly, Jimmie Noone died of a heart attack on Apr. 19, 1944 at age 48. The Kid Ory song Blues for Jimmie is a tribute to Noone. Noone wasn't as well known as Bechet but Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman are among those who acknowledged his influence. Here's a video for I Know That You Know by Jimmie Noone.

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