Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why is VV Mei fighting in...ahem...Guam?

Yesterday it was announced that former Valkyrie champ VV Mei will face Patricia Vidonic on the Oct. 25 PXC show in Mangilao, Guam. Normally I wouldn't comment on this kind of second rate MMA company designed mostly to attract locals. But the timing is very curious. Obviously VV Mei is a cut above the kind of fighter you normally see on these kind of shows. The other thing is that DEEP JEWELS is running a Lightweight Championship tournament on Nov. 5 and VV Mei is not in it. The fight in Guam is at 115lb so she isn't dropping to 105 as some thought she might. The rationalization is that Mei wants to fight in the US and this could help her do that. I don't see how fighting in Guam is better than fighting for a title. If she wins the title or gives a good showing, that's her ticket to the US. Part of the problem is that Invicta has a working agreement with DEEP JEWELS. VV Mei doesn't work for DEEP JEWELS. She is freelance and her most recent fight was for VTJ. So does Invicta even have access to Japanese fighters who don't work exclusively for DEEP JEWELS? I don't know and I bet they don't know either. I know what you're thinking. VV Mei has fought for JEWELS before. Correct but Yuichi Ozono was running JEWELS at that time. In the early days of JEWELS when Shigeru Saeki was running it, she worked for Valkyrie. She only fought for JEWELS after Valkyrie closed. So now that Saeki is running JEWELS again, VV Mei isn't working for them. Maybe she has the same view of Saeki that I have. He's an old fart who has an outdated view of women's MMA. Some might suggest that Mei is getting a premium to go to Guam. I wouldn't be surprised but a possible title should be more important to most fighters. MMA is not always about money. And in the big picture, a title is worth more money anyway. I expect Mei to win this fight. Some are praising Patricia for her split decision loss to Jessica Aguilar a few months ago. But really, Jessica was terrible and probably deserved to lose. It didn't elevate Patricia. This fight just confirms that Shigeru Saeki shouldn't be running a women's MMA company. When a top fighter won't work for him, he's a liability.


  1. I didnt fight Jessica to elevate my career. I fought her because she was the #1 . girl. The video doesnt lie, I beat her. Its an honor to fight Mei, but I expect to come out on top.

  2. I didn't say that. I said that some THINK that fight elevated you because it was thought that you won. I thought it was one of the worst women's fights I have ever seen and it didn't do either of you any good. But I mostly blame Jessica because she is supposed to be an elite fighter and she stunk out the joint.