Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode seven

This week's episode of WWE Total Divas is interesting because it's the first that I believe all three major storylines are based in fact. The episode begins with Diva in training Eva Marie being informed that she is doing a Maxim spread. At first, she talks on the phone while driving. And I guess the camera was turned off and they told her to stop the car. So all the girls congratulate her except for fellow Diva in training and roommate JoJo. Her lack of support becomes a topic of discussion. But no one mentioned that a 19 year old girl picked from a casting call shouldn't be working for the WWE in the first place. What do you want from her? She's a kid. So JoJo thinks her singing the national anthem can get her on WWE TV. Did anyone tell her Lilian Garcia already has that job? Meanwhile, during a match on RAW, Nikki Bella is knocked off the ring apron to the floor and hurts her ankle. It turns out she broke her ankle playing soccer as a teen and it has always bothered her. At first, Nikki doesn't want to tell anyone in fear of losing her spot. This is a common problem in the WWE. Fortunately, her sister Brie and boyfriend John Cena convince her to get a bone scan and treatment. As Brie tells her, their fortunes in the WWE are tied. They are The Bella Twins. But Nikki's fear is real and understandable. She could lose her spot if she is off TV for any length of time. The third story is the continuing drama between Ariane of The Funkadactyls and her boyfriend Vincent. She's still pissed at him for his behaviour in Las Vegas and he chooses this time to push marriage on her. He wants her to meet his old school Armenian father. And dad starts talking about grandchildren. Then Vincent takes Ariane on a surprise visit to a jewelry store to pick out a ring. Not surprisingly, she freaks out. This should lead to Ariane dumping him maybe next week at Nattie Neidhart's wedding. He's dumb but she would be dumber to keep him around after this nonsense. When Trinity of The Funkadactyls hears about JoJo's singing plans, she suggests a remix of their theme music and JoJo can perform it on TV. It turns out that Trinity has roots in the music business. Her father Shawn McCray Sr. is a music producer and her uncle is veteran soul singer George McCrae who had a smash hit with Rock Your Baby in 1974. Trinity's dad does a great job on the remix and Jane Geddes agrees to let JoJo and The Funkadactyls perform it on WWE Main Event. It didn't turn out well because they needed more practice. They were way out of tune. Since then, JoJo did perform the national anthem at SummerSlam. Nattie Neidhart suggested JoJo should be concerned about learning wrestling instead of singing. So Nikki gets the bone scan and WWE doctor Dr. Michael Sampson prescribes rest for at least six weeks. That was in June and Nikki still hasn't returned to action. If it isn't responding, surgery is likely and she will be gone for a long time. Nikki already thinks retirement is a possibility. Remember Michelle McCool was forced to retire due to a similar injury that just never got better. It happens. Next week's episode will be Nattie's wedding and then the show goes on hiatus until November. New episodes are currently in production. Don't forget to watch the video.
WWE - Total Divas - Season 01 - Episode 07 by wwetotaldivas

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