Monday, September 23, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Pilate

Album:Big Shiny Tunes 9

The Canadian band Pilate (pronounced Pilot) were an up and coming band and with the help of MuchMusic seemed to be going places. But they were forced to change their name to Pilot Speed and now the band seems to be inactive. Lead singer and New Zealand native Todd Clark was studying music at the University of Western Ontario in London, ON. He got together with three students at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. They were bassist Rudy Bumrah, guitarist Chris Greenough and drummer Bill Keeley. Citing influences like Coldplay and Keene, they released an EP in 2001. They were named Best Unsigned Band at the 2002 North by Northeast music conference. They signed with Maple Music. Overrated is on their 2003 debut CD Caught By The Window. That and some of their other songs got some radio play and video play on MuchMusic. MuchMusic has Canadian content requirements so it's in their best interest to promote Canadian bands. They also own VideoFACT which gives money to bands to produce music videos. Note the VideoFact logo at the end of the video for Overrated. They also produce the various artists CD series Big Shiny Tunes which contains Overrated. Caught By The window is available but too expensive. Big Shiny Tunes 9 is a budget CD. Pilate signed with Wind Up Records for the US market and their 2006 CD Self Control For Life's Speed was retitled Into The West. The band was told the name Pilate would have to be changed for legal reasons and it was changed to Pilot Speed. The CD Wooden Bones was released in 2009. It was produced by Train producer Gregg Wattenberg. That was Pilot Speed's last CD. Though no breakup was announced, they seem to be inactive. But Todd Clark co-wrote a song with Wattenberg for American Idol winner Philip Philips' debut CD. And according to Clark's Twitter feed, he is currently playing solo gigs in Toronto clubs. So we might not hear from Pilot Speed again but I think we will hear from Todd Clark in the future. Here's the video for Overrated by Pilate.

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