Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TNA Knockouts Knockdown PPV is nothing special

I have watched the matches from last week's TNA all female PPV Knockouts Knockdown. The matches for this show were taped in January. The problem with that is that some of the wrestlers who were working for TNA at the time aren't working there anymore. And some have gone through character changes. Mike Tenay and Taz's commentary was clearly recorded recently and doesn't acknowledge any of this. I guess TNA thinks if they don't mention it, no one will notice. It's like the show was in Bizarro TNA, an alternate universe. Also, I noticed when I read the spoilers in January that not one former TNA wrestler brought in for this show won a match. I don't understand that. Fans like underdogs. It would have made the show more interesting. I also understand there was some filler on this show including the entire 15 minute ODB and Eric Young wedding. Who the hell wants to see that again? For that reason alone, I am glad I didn't buy this show. With a couple of exceptions, the matches are nothing special. And the ending of the show is typical TNA stupidity. The show opens with Gail Kim vs Alissa Flash. This is probably the second best match on the show but these two don't quite click for me. My guess is Alissa is told to hold back because she will lose anyway. This is followed by Lei'D Tapa vs Ivelisse Velez. This is a rematch from their TNA Gutcheck match which Ivelisse won. Ivelisse is clearly a better wrestler but Tapa. I understand TNA likes Tapa's look and her story. But she's very green and her size makes her difficult to work with. She's a long term project who may never be good. She is very awkward. They could put Ivelisse on TV today and she's already good enough to steal the show. Next is Tara vs Mia Yim. Tara wins a basic squash match and nothing is said about Tara recently leaving TNA. Next is Miss Tessmacher vs Santana Garrett. Tessmacher wins. Both have plenty of sex appeal but very little wrestling skill. Next is ODB vs Trinity. ODB wins easily. I never cared for Trinity. She should stick to stunt work. Jackie Moore is brought out of mothballs and beats Taryn Terrell. This was before Taryn became TNA's golden girl. And she hasn't appeared on TV for months. It is not mentioned. Next is a three way with Hannah Blossom, Sojo Bolt and Taeler Hendrix. Hannah is a British girl who usually works as a team with her twin sister. Taeler has left TNA but that was not mentioned. Hannah wins a sloppy match. I hate three way matches. Next is Velvet Sky vs Jillian Hall. They let Jillian sing. This is the worst match on this show. They have no chemistry. Velvet wins of course. The final singles match is the best match on the show with Mickie James vs Serena Deeb. At least they try to tell a story. They are buddies at first and wrestle clean. But Serena gets pissed and turns heel. And I really like the way Mickie sold that. Of course Mickie wins but I liked the match enough to post the video on the blog. They call the final a gauntlet match. It's a Royal Rumble style match. They should pay a royalty to Pat Patterson. The rules contain a pet peeve of mine. In men's battle royales, you have to get tossed over the top rope to be out. In this match, a wrestler just has to go to the floor. It doesn't have to be over the top rope. The WWE does this too. Why a different standard for women? It makes no sense. Gail is the first wrestler in the match. And after beating the crap out of Hannah Blossom and disposing of her, the girls have to figure out how to get rid of Lei'D Tapa. Once they do that, it comes down to Gail Kim and Mickie James and it's a regular match. Gail uses a phony injury to win and make Mickie look really stupid. But not as stupid as the moron who booked that crap. That's TNA in a nutshell. Enjoy the video!
Knockouts Knockdown PPV: Mickie James vs Serena... by dailyknockout

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