Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Megumi Fujii's retirement match is set

Megumi Fujii, Jessica Aguilar
It was announced today that Megumi Fujii's opponent for her retirement match will be a rematch against Jessica Aguilar. This will happen at the Oct. 5, VTJ show at the Ota Gymnasium. The match is contracted for 52.2kg and is scheduled for three five minute rounds. So why wasn't this announced at the recent VTJ press conference? They were haggling over money and there was talk that negotiations broke off and Shooto was going to do something else. Also, it's interesting to note that this fight is scheduled for three rounds when women's matches in VTJ are normally two rounds. I doubt Jessica would agree to a two round match. And I don't blame her for holding them up for more money. Look, there's no upside for Jessica to do this match. If she loses, there will be no rubber match. Will the judges call it fairly? Think about it. This is the only real match that is acceptable as Megumi's retirement match. What I didn't like was meaningless random fighters coming out of the woodwork to volunteer their services mainly to draw attention to themselves. That's not the thing to do. An exhibition match would have been preferable to that and that is normally what is done anyway. But this is the match Megumi wanted. They are billing it as a revenge match because at their match last year, Megumi lost not to Jessica but to incompetent judges. Megumi said afterwards she thought she won but not decisively enough. Megumi's retirement ceremony will follow the fight.

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