Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode six

Here's the video for WWE Total Divas episode 6. I've been getting a lot of traffic for these reviews so enjoy. This episode is mostly about Nattie Neidhart's bachelorette party. But the episode begins with something else. If you have been watching the show, you will know that diva in training JoJo split up with her idiot boyfriend after he demanded she choose between him or the WWE. She's backstage at RAW with Eva Marie and she starts ogling WWE wrestler Justin Gabriel. For those not familiar with him, his real name is Paul Lloyd Jr. from South Africa. He has been on the WWE main roster since 2010. He's a really good athlete and he's good in the ring. But he lacks personality so he's mired in the midcard. He is seen on TV so infrequently that some fans probably think he doesn't work at the WWE anymore. He's done modelling and bodybuilding so he knows why JoJo would be attracted to him. My first thought is he is way too old for her. JoJo is 19. Gabriel is 32. The other girls warn JoJo about the age difference but she doesn't listen. The Bella Twins are planning to have Nattie's bachelorette party in Las Vegas. TJ Wilson and some of the other guys are going for his bachelor party. Most of them are in the WWE except for Ariane's boyfriend Vincent. She thinks he will embarrass her in front of her co-workers. They go to Vegas and Nikki Bella discovers that Nattie is texting with this guy Jaret that was on last week's show. He has feelings for her. But she's getting married. Nikki tells her to knock it off. I think this was made up nonsense just for drama. It's OK for Nattie to have doubts. That's not unusual. But she knows better than to flirt with this guy. I don't buy it. JoJo goes out with Gabriel. They make out. And then JoJo and Eva Marie spot him getting into a car with another girl. I also think this whole thing was made up for TV. Until now, all the WWE guys like Cena have been portrayed as good guys. So it's interesting that a jobber like Justin Gabriel was chosen to be a heel to JoJo. He's not a top guy. They don't care if he looks bad. It's too convenient for me. And of course Vincent shows up, gets drunk, and makes a fool of himself. How long will Ariane put up with this? There was also some discussion about Brie Bella getting drunk at the party. Apparently she rarely drinks since she has been dating Bryan Danielson. It wasn't said but I guess he doesn't drink. So she got drunk and thought she made it into their hotel room without him knowing. In the end, he knew but wasn't upset as he was OK with Brie having fun at the party. What a nice guy. It was not an issue. It looks like the girls had a lot of fun at the party. The made up drama was unnecessary. Enjoy the video.
WWE - Total Divas - Season 01 - Episode 06 by wwetotaldivas

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