Saturday, September 28, 2013

Matches set for DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship tournament

Mika Nagano, Emi Fujino, Emi Tomimatsu, MIZUKI
DEEP JEWELS held a press conference today to determine the matches for the DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship tournament. The show will be Nov. 4 at Shinjuku FACE. The main event for this show will be Ham Seo Hee defending the DEEP JEWELS Flyweight Championship against Sadae Manhoef. Ayaka Hamasaki was forced to forfeit the DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship due to ongoing problems with her left knee. It is likely that Ayaka will be forced to retire from MMA. It says here they did a public draw to determine the tournament matches. In this picture, it looks like the girls did rock paper scissors to do that. Not really. They are goofing around. Emi Fujino posted an equally goofy picture on her Twitter. The matches are Mika Nagano vs Emi Tomimatsu and Emi Fujino vs MIZUKI. Nagano has already beaten Tomimatsu earlier this year at the March JEWELS show. MIZUKI faced Fujino in a J-Girls kickboxing match July 2010. And if I recall correctly, MIZUKI broke Fujino's nose with a high kick. MIZUKI says she really wanted to win the belt from Ayaka to avenge her only defeat. But she says she will use that motivation to win the belt this way. Nagano thinks this will be her last chance to win the title. We could see retirement if she doesn't win. MIZUKI is the favourite to win. I doubt that any of these girls can beat her.

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