Thursday, September 12, 2013

Julianna Pena upsets Shayna Bazsler on The Ultimate Fighter 18

Here is the video for last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter 18. We all know what the big story is. But there were a couple of other things of note. The contestants moved into the house. Nothing much happened except for Anthony Gutierrez trying to pick up all the girls in the house. He did not get a favourable response. And the other thing was Tim Gorman talked about not going 100% training with the girls and of course they don't want to hear that from guys. Sarah Moras said she would submit him. But it turns out he suffered a hamstring injury and UFC President Dana White sent him home and replaced him with Louis Fisette. He was portrayed as freeloading in his father's house. The rest of this episode concentrated on this first big fight between Shayna Bazsler and Julianna Pena. Though Julianna's win was an upset, I was not surprised because of the way the show was edited. We were set up for an upset. Shayna took her lightly and that's always a big mistake. Anyone can beat anyone at any time. The problem is Julianna has never fought on a national level. Two years ago, she was supposed to fight Kerry Vera in Strikeforce. But Kerry blew out her knee and the fight was cancelled. Then Julianna got hurt. And since returning, she has lost two fights including one to Team Tate teammate Sarah Moras. She's a hard puncher but other parts of her game are unknown. Unknown doesn't necessarily mean not good. And remember Miesha knows her. But that's the way Shayna talked about her. Overconfidence can always get a fighter into trouble in MMA. And I think that's something Ronda should have discussed with Shayna. But she didn't. In the first round, Shayna quickly realized that she didn't want to trade punches with Julianna. So she took her down and won the round with ground control. In the second round, Julianna stung Shayna with punches and knees and it took a lot out of Shayna. Shayna admitted afterwards that she was already thinking about round three. But she was already softened up and Julianna took her down and won with a rear naked choke. Ronda was correct in blaming herself because Shayna is a veteran and Ronda trusted her. She won't make that mistake again. Of course everyone is talking about Ronda crying. Expect more of that. She cries about everything. And the editing is going to emphasize that stuff. The sad thing is this could be the end for Shayna Bazsler's UFC hopes. She was given an opportunity and she didn't take advantage of it. What should be expected after that? And Shayna seemed to age in that second round. Time is a cruel mistress and maybe it's passed her by. I don't know what she will do next but she had better win. Time is running out. Next week's fight selected by Miesha will be Chris Holdsworth vs Chris Beal. Beal has an injured hand. But remember we thought this week was a foregone conclusion too. Enjoy the video!
UFC The Ultimate Fighter S18E02 - Full Show (HQ) by WrestlingVidsUploaderHQv2

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