Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WWE Total Divas review

So I was debating whether I should review this new reality show WWE Total Divas that premiered on E! last Sunday. Since the episode is online, fans who couldn't watch it can watch it on the blog. I actually PVRd it and watched it on Monday. I prefer Ray Donovan if it's OK with you. Like a lot of reality shows, Total Divas is heavily scripted. By no means is this a documentary. The show is supposed to open the door to the lives of WWE Divas. One of the big problems with this show is most of the main characters are not likable. The Bella Twins are heels on TV right now but that doesn't mean they have to behave like heels on this show. One of the reasons these two have a lot of stroke right now is Brie is dating Daniel Bryan and Nikki is dating John Cena. So that gives the WWE and E! an excuse to have those guys on the show. And to hear The Bella Twins talk like they are seasoned veterans is funny because neither of them can wrestle. But as we all know, the WWE doesn't want women athletes. They want models. The opening episode is the week leading up to Wrestlemania. You have the Bella Twins, The Funkadactyls and Nattie Neidhart. Keep in mind the Funkadactyls use their real names on the show. The first bit of drama is that Nattie is told that she will not appear on Wrestlemania. So you might think that Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon or HHH would tell her this. Nope. This news is given to her by WWE Vice President of Talent Relations Jane Geddes. Who? She is a former pro golfer who was an exec for the LPGA before the WWE hired her in 2011. It just shows how corporate and impersonal the WWE is especially to someone who grew up in the wrestling business like Nattie. But Nattie is a good soldier and she is asked to chaperone two models named JoJo Offerman and Eva Marie who were picked from a casting call. Keep in mind that Nattie will be asked to train these girls. Eva Marie is of Mexican descent and resembles The Bella Twins. So Geddes asked her to dye her hair blonde. But she changes her mind and dyes it red instead. Geddes is OK with it but she is annoyed that Eva Marie didn't do what she was told. She warned her about that. The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls have a match on Wrestlemania. While practicing, Brodus Clay yells at Ariane and her boyfriend threatens to beat him up. They calm him down and the girls bicker about it. It makes them look a little silly. Then the mixed match the girls are supposed to be in on Wrestlemania was cut due to time constraints. Of course they are upset. If you like this kind of thing on other scripted reality shows, you should like this. And if you are wondering why Nattie is on this show, an episode later in the season will cover her wedding to long time boyfriend TJ Wilson. I'm not crazy about the show. But I will watch it because it will tie in to angles on RAW including this ridiculous ugly duckling angle they are doing with Nattie and The Bella Twins. Ugh! Check out the video for yourself.
WWE - Total Divas - Season 01 - Episode 01 by wwetotaldivas

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