Monday, July 29, 2013

Amber Brown wins at July 28 PANCRASE show

Amber Brown made her return to Japan on yesterday's PANCRASE show at Differ Ariake. She won by submission over Kikuyo Ishikawa. A couple of months ago, Amber replaced her teammate Monica Lovato and lost to Emi Fujino. But Amber was not fighting in her usual weight class and PANCRASE liked her enough to give her a match at a lighter weight class. The fight was very competitive for the first two rounds. Amber scored with knees in the clinch and Kikuyo landed some strikes. The judges scored the round for Kikuyo. Amber nailed Kikuyo with strikes and Kikuyo got a takedown and an armbar attempt. The judges scored round two for Kikuyo. But in the third round, Kikuyo got a takedown but then Amber secured an armbar from guard and the fight was over at 3:27 of round three. So a big win for Amber Brown as Kikuyo Ishikawa got a little careless.

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