Thursday, July 18, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Doug Stone

Artist:Doug Stone
Song:A Jukebox With A Country Song
Album:Super Hits

Country singer Doug Stone had four number one country hits in the early 90s including A Jukebox With A Country Song. Health problems and a near fatal plane crash have slowed him down but he still performs today. He was born Douglas Jackson Brooks June 19, 1956 in Marietta, GA. His mom was a country singer and taught him guitar and put him on stage at an early age. After his parents divorce, he lived with his dad and continued to perform while the two operated a garage. He was spotted by producer Doug Johnson who got him a deal with Columbia/Epic. Johnson went on to be A & R director at Columbia Nashville. Brooks changed his name to Doug Stone so he wouldn't get confused with Garth Brooks. His 1990 debut CD Doug Stone spawned five top ten country hits and was certified Platinum. In A Different Light was his first number one hit. His 1991 CD I Thought It Was You also went Platinum and A Jukebox With A Country Song was his second number one hit. His other number one hits were Too Busy Being In Love in 1992 and Why Didn't I Think Of That in 1993. You can get all of his hits on this budget comp. In June 1994, Stone was having breathing problems. He had a lump removed from his nose that fortunately was not cancerous. He immediately quit smoking. Then he suffered a stroke. He continued to record and even did some acting. He left Columbia for Atlantic and recorded an album for them in 1999. He also survived a plane crash at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. And then another plane crash in 2000 in Tennessee. Stone has recorded for smaller labels and he was jailed in 2005 for contempt relating to alimony and child support. He last recorded in 2007 but he still tours. Stone was already in his 30s when he became popular so his time was limited. Here's the video for A Jukebox With A Country Song by Doug Stone.

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