Wednesday, July 17, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of the Day-The Time

Artist:The Time
Song:Jerk Out
Album:More Of Club Mix's Biggest Jams

Most fans should be familiar with The Time from their appearance in the Prince film Purple Rain. Prince assembled the band and bickering with him is what split them up. Then they reformed and the 1990 hit Jerk Out was their biggest hit. Prince's contract with Warner Bros. allowed him to recruit and record artists. The Time were known as Flyte Time with Jellybean Johnson on drums, Jimmy Jam and Monte Moir on keyboards and Terry Lewis on bass. Prince hired Jesse Johnson, Morris Day and Jerome Benton to front the band. Day was the main lead singer. Prince wanted Alexander O'Neal but he wanted too much money. The albums The Time recorded for Prince's label Paisley Park were Day and Prince. The band didn't play on them. They had some success with songs like The Bird and Jungle Love and they toured with Prince and appeared in Purple Rain. But in 1985, Day got into an argument with prince and The Time split up. Day and Jesse Johnson went solo. Benton and Jellybean Johnson formed The Family. And Lewis and Jam became one of the hottest production teams in the music business. The Time reunited for the 1990 film Graffiti Bridge. Apparently Warner Bros. insisted the original band reunite intact or they couldn't record. The 1990 album was called Pandemonium. Jerk Out reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was The Time's biggest hit. It wasn't even a new recording. Prince recorded it in 1981 for the album What Time Is It? but didn't release it. And he reworked Jerk Out for the group Mazarati in 1985 but he left it off the album. Pandemonium is not available on CD but you can get Jerk Out on this budget various artists CD from K-Tel. The Time has reunited several times and changed their name to The Original 7ven when they released a new CD in 2011. Prince owns the name The Time and they couldn't use it. Here's the video for Jerk Out by The Time. This video is not on Youtube.
Morris Day & The Time - Jerk Out by docfromcpt

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