Monday, July 22, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Adrian Gurvitz

Artist:Adrian Gurvitz
Album:Top Of The Pops: One Hit Wonders

In his long music career, British singer songwriter guitarist Adrian Gurvitz has written plenty of hits for others. But his only hit as a solo artist was Classic in 1982. And that was a hit mainly in England and Europe. He was born June 26, 1949 in Stoke Newington, North London, England. His father was tour manager for Cliff Richard & The Shadows. As a teen, Gurvitz toured with Crispian St. Peters among others usually with his brother Paul Gurvitz on bass. In 1967, his band Rupert's People had a hit in Australia with Reflection Of Charlie Brown. Then he formed The Gun with Paul and Race With the Devil was a top ten hit in England in 1968. Black Oak Arkansas had a hit with a cover of Race With The Devil. The Gun split up after two albums and Gurvitz toured with legendary drummer Buddy Miles for a while. He was going to record a solo album but instead reformed The Gun as Three Man Army and then later The Baker Gurvitz Army with legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker. That only lasted two albums and Gurvitz joined a new band led by Moody Blues drummer Graham Edge. He went solo in 1979. The 1982 single Classic was his only hit from his three solo albums. It reached #8 on the British Singles chart. That is his brother Paul singing with him in the video. You can get Classic on this 3CD Top Of The Pops box set. Since then Gurvitz has written many songs for others including the British #1 hit This Time We'll Get It Right by The England World Cup Squad. He moved to the US and has written hits for Eddie Money, Kenny G, Steve Perry and others. In 2002, Gurvitz formed the girl group No Secrets for his daughter Carly Lewis. This got him a house producer job with Disney and he produced three Disneymania CDs. Recently Gurvitz has produced CDs for female pop singers Pixie Lott and Emii and he is currently producing the debut CD for Audra Day. And he has been working with Ziggy Marley. It's ironic that a guy near retirement age is producing music aimed at teenage girls. Here's the video for Classic by Adrian Gurvitz.

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