Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cage Warriors makes major commitment to women's MMA

The British company Cage Warriors announced yesterday that they have signed 18 female fighters in four weight classes. This represents a major upgrade to their previous women's MMA efforts. In the past, they were really only committed to Rosi Sexton. But now that Rosi is in the UFC she has given back to British MMA by recruiting these fighters. All credit to Rosi for getting them to do it and all credit to Cage Warriors owner Graham Boylan for allowing it. Cage Warriors are the largest MMA company in Europe and their shows are streamed online by MMA Junkie for free. They present MMA without gimmicks. With the UFC adding women's MMA, it presents a new opportunity to develop fighters that will eventually sign with the UFC. "See tomorrow's stars today". It's also a good development for European MMA as some countries lag behind in developing new fighters. Lack of competition is part of the problem. But there is also parochialism as some women's fights in Europe are scheduled for two five minute rounds instead of three five minute rounds. And some use a ring instead of a cage. Cage Warriors is a much larger and more unforgiving platform. Cage Warriors is going to try to launch multiple weight classes. I think that might be a little ambitious. How long is that going to take? They have signed eight Bantamweights, four Flyweights, three Strawweights and three Atomweights. How many women's fights will be on each show. And Cage Warriors runs shows in Middle East countries like Jordan and I don't think women will be allowed to fight on those shows. Most of the signed fighters are inexperienced and I haven't heard of most of them. The most experienced is Karla Benitez from Spain. She is a kickboxer who has trouble on the ground. Some are younger. Some are older. We'll see how things shake out. I am told they are planning to add more fighters in the near future. Ideally, I would like to see Cage Warriors develop European fighters only. That's their bread and butter.

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