Sunday, July 21, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Tryo

Song:Desole Pour Heir Soir
Album:Grain De Sable

Tryo's energetic reggae and ska influenced sound and politically charged lyrics have made them very popular in their native France. They have had success in other French speaking countries but are unknown elsewhere. Emmanuel "Manu" Eveno and Cyril "Guizmo" Celestin had played together in various bands and formed Tryo with Christophe "Mali" Petit in 1995. Daniel "Danielito" Bravo joined in 1996. So yeah, they are called Tryo but they have four members. They released their 1998 debut CD Mamagubida independently. There was enough interest that they signed with Sony France. Since then they have released six CDs including the 2003 CD Grain de Sable. Desole Pour Heir Soir is one of their most popular songs. Their latest CD Ladilafe was released in 2012 and Tryo is currently touring to support it. DJ Catman was added on this CD and he is on tour with them. Mali released a solo CD in 2006 and Guizmo has recorded with a couple of outside bands. But Tryo continues to be very successful in France and they are worth checking out. Here's the video for Desole Pour Heir Soir by Tryo.

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