Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pointless filler added to Aug. 31 DEEP JEWELS show

Mika Nagano, Betiko
Anyone who thought that things would change when Shigeru Saeki took over JEWELS and changed the name to DEEP JEWELS will be very disappointed by the additions to the Aug. 31 Shinjuku FACE show. It's the same old same old. I guess the one bit of news is that veteran fighter Akiko Naito who used the ringname Betiko announced she will retire from MMA and face Mika Nagano in her retirement match. Betiko has been around since 2003 but her 6-12 record speaks for itself. And she hasn't fought in almost two years. And she was on a three fight losing streak. Two of her wins were over DEEP JEWELS matchmaker Yasuko Mogi and another was over pro wrestler Ayako Sato. That shows how terrible Mogi is. I suppose longevity earns Betiko a retirement ceremony. But with a record like that one would think she would just want to walk away quietly. Old school promoters like Saeki believe that any retirement ceremony attracts fans. He probably talked her into doing it. Of course Saeki's real goal is to get Nagano a cheap win. They also announced that Emi Fujino's opponent is Korean kickboxer Song Kyung Hyo who has an 0-2 MMA record. That's just a waste of Fujino's talent. Remember this is the kind of match that MIZUKI complained about. The other MMA match announced has Sachiko Fujimori vs Sumire Takahashi. Both are debuting and ground and pound is not allowed in this fight. Also, MIZUKI will face teen amateur grappler Utaka Yuaso in a grappling match. That might be interesting. And they added a couple of kickboxing matches and many fans believe that DEEP JEWELS should be MMA only. Some rebirth, huh. It looks like the same old crap to me.

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