Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarah Kaufman out of Oct. 6 Invicta show

Invicta announced today that Sarah Kaufman is injured and will be forced to drop out of her match against Kaitlin Young on the Oct. 6 show. No matter how you slice it, this hurts the top of the show which lacked star power until Sarah was added. For some fans, they have made the best of it by having Kaitlin rematch Leslie Smith from the first Invicta show in April. If you recall, that fight was a draw. Check out the pic. Based on that, a rematch is warranted. Some liked that fight. I thought it was overpraised. And if you just look at their records, neither fighter is that good. Both are one dimensional kickboxers so don't expect any displays of jiu jitsu. I guess it makes the best of a bad situation. It's a rematch that some fans want to see. I'm not one of them. Leslie Smith was supposed to fight undefeated boxer turned MMA fighter Kim Connor-Hamby who replaced Cat Zangano when she signed with Strikeforce. Kim's record is 4-0 but I think it's fair to say that she is unproven. Her new opponent is Raquel Pennington. Raquel is from Colorado Springs, CO. Her record is 3-1 but I liked her match on the last Invicta show. Highly touted Sarah Moras won the first round but then Raquel tired Sarah out in the second and third round and grinded out a decision. So she should be a good test for Kim Connor-Hamby.

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