Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is Beth Phoenix leaving the WWE?

Yesterday it was reported by The Wrestling Observer and PW Insider that Beth Phoenix gave her notice to the WWE and will leave next month. This was obviously leaked by a WWE employee who was quoted as saying that Beth has been "going through the motions" and they weren't surprised by this. Those of us who recall last year's CM Punk leaving the WWE angle are justifiably suspicious as it could be a setup for a similar angle. And even if it isn't, the WWE still has a month to convince Beth to stay. My gut instinct says she will probably stay. I can understand why she would be annoyed with the WWE. They have completely dropped the ball with Beth. Last year, they started the wrestlers destroying models angle known as Divas Of Doom. This could have made Beth a huge star. But they stupidly dropped the angle and wouldn't let Beth win the WWE Divas Championship in her home town of Buffalo. I'm sure that upset her. Since then, they have jobbed her out to models on a regular basis and even had her do a phony injury angle instead of having her destroy The Bella Twins when they left. The problem with Beth leaving the WWE is she can't make WWE money anywhere else. Some might suggest she could go to TNA but their women's division isn't any better than the WWE's women's division and TNA contracts aren't guaranteed. There are other options but the bottom line is WWE contracts have guaranteed minimums. So if the WWE can convince her that they would use her better, I would expect her to stay there. What about MMA? It's an intriguing option and Beth does have an amateur wrestling background. But Beth is 31 so she's getting a little old to try something new. Too bad that option wasn't available when she started ten years ago. Beth has said nothing yet so I think negotiations are ongoing. Time will tell.

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