Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sara McMann signs with Strikeforce

Sara McMann
Since Ronda Rousey won over Sarah Kaufman, most of the buzz has centred around Cris Cyborg as Ronda's next opponent. But Cris is still under suspension and Ronda's manager Darin Harvey said that Cris would have to pass a hair follicle drug test. That is not a sure thing. What if she fails? Today it was announced that Strikeforce has signed 2004 Olympic Silver Medal wrestler Sara McMann and she will make her Strikeforce debut on November 3. You may recall that before the July Invicta show, I predicted that the winner of Sara McMann vs Shayna Bazsler would jump the line and be Ronda's next opponent. Sara's opponent for Nov. 3 has not been named but my crystal ball says Liz Carmouche and the winner gets the title shot. I do agree that a match with two Olympic medallists is a very marketable hook. But I haven't seen anything from Sara McMann that makes me think she will be competitive against Ronda. She would have to step up her game significantly. I don't believe Sara has been dominant enough in any of her fights. And I think Shayna beat her and the judges blew the decision. That was the only close match on the whole Invicta show and the judges muffed it. And in post fight interviews, Sara doesn't seem to know if she won. The strategy she used in that fight didn't work against Shayna so it sure wouldn't work against Ronda. And where is Shayna Bazsler's Strikeforce contract? I haven't seen Sara McMann smoke anyone yet. And Ronda Rousey has smoked all her opponents. She has fought good fighters in Strikeforce. But none of them could handle Ronda's quickness. I don't see Sara McMann as any different. The Olympic medal doesn't make her quicker. It just makes her more marketable.

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