Saturday, September 01, 2012

Rin Nakai wins PANCRASE Athena tournament match

Rin Nakai pounds Ultra Benkei
At today's PANCRASE show at Differ Ariake, Rin Nakai won her Athena tournament match over Ultra Benkei. Rin had defeated Benkei previously two years ago in VALKYRIE. In the first round, Benkei tried to use her kickboxing experience to keep Rin at a distance. She was not interested in engaging. The crowd started booing. Then with 30 seconds left in the round, she hit Rin with a low blow and took her down. The ref stopped the fight to allow Rin to recover and reprimanded Benkei. In round two, Rin bloodied Benkei's nose with a right hook. After the ringside doctor checked Benkei's nose, the fight continued. Rin took Benkei down and mounted her. After some pounding, Benkei turtled. The ref stoppage and Benkei's corner throwing in the towel was almost simultaneous. Rin Nakai wins by TKO at 3:45 of round two. Rin did her trademark flip afterwards. PANCRASE owner Sakai isn't sure when the other tournament semi final will happen. I think it will be in November and the final will likely be in January. We'll just wait and see who Rin's opponent will be.


  1. Is there a video of the full fight anywhere?

  2. Not that I am aware of. PANCRASE posted a clipped version on their Youtube channel.