Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theatre-Katja Kankaanpaa vs Simona Soukupova

Today's edition of Big Bad Blog Video Theatre is Katja Kankaanpaa vs Simona Soukupova from Botnia Punishment in Finland from a couple of weeks ago. The match was judged a split draw. So a few fans have asked me to post the fight video and analyze it to judge the judges. Judging in MMA is such a problem because on regional shows like this one a lot of judges aren't qualified to judge MMA. Katja is the undefeated Finnish fighter. I've seen a couple of her fights and she's pretty good. She got a good win over Japanese veteran VV Mei a few months ago. Simona is British. I haven't been impressed with her last couple of fights. She was trying to be a kickboxer but she wasn't very good at it. Also she is 35 years old so again age to experience level is not in her favour. I scored the fight 30-27 for Katja. I didn't even think it was that close. Simona got an armbar attempt near the end of the second round. And sometimes judges might take that out of context and give Simona the round. But Katja controlled the rest of the round and I think she showed effective ring control through the whole fight. And I give that more weight than isolated submission attempts. If Simona gets that armbar earlier in the round, that's a different story. But with thirty seconds left in the round, Katja can easily ride it out. So as some fans suspected, it was a poor decision. Check it out for yourself.

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