Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theatre-Michelle Ould vs Munah Holland

Today's edition of Big Bad Blog Video Theatre features Michelle Ould vs Munah Holland from Friday's Bellator show in Atlantic City. It was on the Spike TV website but it was geo blocked outside North America. So I know fans in Europe and Asia didn't get to see it live. The other day I laughed when Michelle told MMA Weekly that she didn't want this fight to be Ground Girl vs Boxer. She wants to show that she is a complete fighter. But Munah is a veteran boxer who is unproven on the ground. So of course it would be foolish for Michelle to trade punches with her. Not that other fighters haven't tried to do that. So in this fight Michelle needed to test Munah's takedown defense and then keep her on the ground. And that's exactly what she did. She took her down in all three rounds and pounded her. Munah didn't have much of a response to this. She tried to throw punches from the bottom and also tried a triangle choke. But neither was effective. What she needed to do is reverse and get on top. But she was never able to do that and Michelle won by unanimous decision. Michelle was always active so the ref never had to stand them up. She was certainly arm weary by the middle of round three. This was exactly the strategy Michelle needed to use in this fight and it paid off. Some might think this was an upset but I don't. Michelle is a well rounded fighter and she always comes to the cage with a clear game plan. And if she needs to change her game plan. she has the ability to do that. A lot of fighters don't have that ability. Munah Holland is a great boxer. But she needs to improve her takedown defense and her grappling. Fighters seeing this fight will know how to handle her unless she takes steps to improve. Entering Grappler's Quest and other grappling tournaments would do her some good. Michelle Ould broke her hand in round one. After speaking with her, I'm concerned that she may need surgery to fix it. That could keep her out for a long time. She is seeing her doctor in California this week. Hopefully she will be ready for Bellator's 2013 tournament for 125lb fighters. It would be a shame if she missed that. Enjoy the video.

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