Sunday, September 09, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Codeine Velvet Club

Artist:Codeine Velvet Club
Song:Vanity Kills
Album:Codeine Velvet Club

The duo Codeine Velvet Club is a spinoff of the very popular Scottish group The Fratellis. They recorded one CD and then split up. The CD is worth getting. When The Fratellis went on hiatus in 2008, lead singer and guitarist Jon Fratelli (real name: John Lawler) announced plans to record solo. Lawler's wife Heather Donnelly worked in the Glasgow burlesque club Club Noir. Lou Hickey worked there as a singer. Heather told her husband about Lou and Lawler asked her if she wanted to work on his solo album. The recording sessions went so well they decided to turn it into Codeine Velvet Club. The debut CD was released in Sept. 2009 on Island Records in England and then later in the US by Dangerbird Records. They toured with a band led by former The Tears keyboard player Will Foster. In 2010, they opened for John Mayer. So they got critical acclaim and good fan response. The song Hollywood was nominated for an MTVU award. Lawler announced on the band website plans for a new Codeine Velvet Club CD. But then he changed his mind and took the musicians who were to play on Codeine Velvet Club and recorded a solo CD Psycho Jukebox. Maybe there was a conflict with Lou Hickey. And it may have been influenced by the reformation of The Fratellis. They are touring with plans to record new music. Lou Hickey released an EP last year no solo CD yet. It's too bad. Codeine Velvet Club had potential. And Lou Hickey has potential if someone would give her a shot. Here's the video for Vanity Kills by Codeine Velvet Club.

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