Monday, September 17, 2012

Eve Torres is the new WWE Divas Champion

Here's the match video from last night's WWE PPV with Layla defending the WWE Divas Champion against Eve Torres. Wait a minute. Wasn't Kaitlyn supposed to get this title shot? You may recall that there was a battle royal on RAW a couple of weeks ago and the winner gets a title shot at Night Of Champions. The story was Eve was supposed to win the battle royal. When Kaitlyn clotheslined her over the top rope, Eve was supposed to land on the ring apron. She missed and landed on the floor. Apparently the WWE wasn't happy and planned to give Eve the title shot anyway. So for the last couple of weeks they have had Eve display what I would call phony babyface behaviour. Yes, her acting was terrible but I think that was deliberate. So early in last night's PPV, there was a backstage segment where Kaitlyn was attacked and unable to perform. Then they did another segment where Eve asked Smackdown GM Booker T for the title shot. He agreed to that because he thought there should be a Divas Championship match on Night Of Champions. Assistant GM Teddy Long was unhappy because like most fans, he believed Eve was behind the attack on Kaitlyn. Obviously the plan was always to get the belt off of Layla and the WWE believes no  one would buy Kaitlyn as champ. This almost seems like TNA, huh? Layla has shown nothing since she returned and supposedly her right knee is still giving her trouble. The problem with the match is Eve wrestles as a babyface for the first half of the match supposedly to convince Layla that she really is a babyface. Layla stupidly buys this and then Eve turns heel on her. By that time, the crowd has lost interest in the match and neither of these girls have the ability to get them interested again. That's what happens when they train dancers to be pro wrestlers. They have athletic ability but no pro wrestling aptitude. The match ends as expected and Eve is the new Divas Champion. BTW, she needs more intensity in the ring if she is going to be a heel. Her moves changed but not her personality. JBL was funny trying to sell Eve's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training at the Gracie Academy. In fact, she recently announced her engagement to Renar Gracie. It was a nice try to sell a two minute rest hold in a seven minute match. The match was not horrible but not memorable either. I'm sure that Eve will be revealed as Kaitlyn's attacker in the near future...unless the WWE forgets about it. Enjoy the match video.

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