Friday, July 21, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Radiohead

Song:No Surprises
Album:OK Computer

Radiohead is one of the more enduring bands from the 90s. Though they have had hit singles in their native England, they are mostly an album and touring band. The 1997 album OK Computer is probably their most popular album. Radiohead are from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England. They met in school. The band is lead singer Thom Yorke, keyboard player Jonny Greenwood, his brother Colin Greenwood on bass, Ed O'Brien on guitar and Philip Selway on drums. They started jamming in school in 1985. But they didn't play any gigs until 1991. And they signed with EMI in 1992. They weren't successful at first. The 1993 album Pablo Honey didn't do well until alternative radio stations like San Francisco's KITS started playing Creep. It began with Israeli DJ Yoav Kutner and Radiohead toured Israel as a result. They got more attention when the video for Creep was played on MTV. The 1995 album The Bends did OK but it didn't build on the momentum from Creep. Radiohead built their own studio to record OK Computer. And they also convinced EMI to allow them to self produce. I guess EMI thought there was nothing to lose as The Bends was a commercial disappointment. But OK Computer was received positively and it was certified 2XPlatinum in the US. In England it was their first album to top the charts and all their albums have done that ever since. They also had three top ten hits in England including No Surprises. OK Computer is the album that established Radiohead and it's the first album you should get. Radiohead is still around. Of course they aren't as popular today as they were. They released a new CD last year and they toured to support it. They recently released a 20th anniversary box set of OK Computer. My guess is we'll see new music from them in 2018 along with a tour. Here's the video for No Surprises by Radiohead.

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