Monday, July 17, 2017

AccuRadio Song of The Day-Kevon Edmonds

Artist:Kevon Edmonds
Album:Smooth: Ultimate Late Night Grooves

Kevon Edmonds is the older brother of uber producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Fans should remember Kevon from his days with After 7. But he also scored a top ten hit with 24/7 in 1999. Unfortunately he didn't record again for ten years. He was born Feb. 25, 1958 in Indianapolis. Babyface formed After 7 as a vehicle for Kevon and their other brother Melvin. And they had success in the late 80s. After 7 split up in 1995. Kevon was then involved in the fictional group Milestone formed by Babyface for the film Soul Food. That group was all three Edmonds brothers and KC & JoJo. They even toured briefly but record company politics killed Milestone. Then Kevon signed with RCA and 24/7 was released in 1999. The single 24/7 reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Though Babyface produced most of the album, the song 24/7 was written and produced by Angelo Ray. It was his only big hit. The CD 24/7 is out of print. But you can get 24/7 on this various artists budget CD. After that Kevon did backup vocals. He released a CD in 2009. He is currently part of the reformation of After 7. They released an album Oct. 2016 and they have been touring. The members are original members Kevon Edmonds and Keith Mitchell. The third member is original member Melvin Edmonds' son Jason Edmonds. Babyface produced the album. Here's the video for 24/7 by Kevon Edmonds.

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