Saturday, July 08, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Angela Hill vs Ashley Yoder

Here's the match video of Angela Hill vs Ashley Yoder from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. Here's the thing about Angela Hill. She's very popular because she can talk. That doesn't make her a great fighter. I thought she did OK in her UFC return against Jessica Andrade. But who thought she would win? I didn't. Angela is at a level where she will win over fighters she is supposed to beat and lose to elite fighters. I thought she would beat Ashley but I need to see something from Angela that makes me think she can beat an elite fighter. I didn't see it last night. Ashley was in TUF 23 and she probably gets one more fight after this and then goodbye. Angela needed to dominate or finish her. She didn't do that. I scored it 29-28. The judges scored it 30-27. Angela won by unanimous decision. It doesn't mean she can beat an elite fighter. Will she ever have that ability? I've seen enough of her by now that I doubt it. I would have to see a marked improvement and I don't think that will happen. She's still going to be popular because of the stuff she does outside the cage. BTW, UFC should lighten up on the costume restrictions at the ceremonial weigh ins. Fans enjoy it when Angela does that stuff. Of course she called out Paige Van Zant who is famous but not really a good fighter. Angela could win that fight. She can beat some fighters but the way she is now, getting to the elite level isn't in the cards for her. Enjoy the video!

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