Sunday, July 30, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Alexandra Albu vs Kailin Curran

Here's the match video of Alexandra Albu vs Kailin Curran from last night's UFC show in Anaheim. This aired on UFC Fight Pass. Alexandra is from Russia. The last time we saw her was in 2015. Jon Anik said on the broadcast that she was finishing school. They announced her record as 6-0 but according to all records I have seen, she is actually 2-0. Her 2015 opponent was so bad she was released. So I'm not sure if she's a good fighter or not. I just haven't seen enough of her. She's a fitness model in Russia so I know she will be ripped. Kailin is from Hawaii. Her main flaw is she loses concentration during fights and that has cost her in the UFC. So I'm watching round one and it's a decent round. The thing I like about Alexandra is she punches hard and that won her the first two rounds of this fight. What I don't like about her is she's too easy to hit. There's no head movement. It's like she hasn't been taught to avoid punches. Alexandra's problems are related to inexperience. And that's good because she can improve with good coaching. In round one, Alexandra was winning with more effective striking when suddenly she pulled Kailin into her guard. Again, that's inexperience. And Kailin broke Alexandra's nose which obviously affected her endurance. But I thought Alexandra's striking was more effective so I scored the first two rounds in her favour. After the second round, Kailin got read the riot act. And she was a lot better in round three. But she didn't get the finish she needed. So I scored the fight 29-28 for Alexandra and so did the judges. It was not a great fight but it wasn't boring. Afterwards there was Twitter complaints that Kailin landed more strikes. I looked at the stats and Kailin did throw more punches but Alexandra landed more significant strikes. And that's what I thought while I watched the fight and that's what the judges saw too. Quality is more important than quantity. Alexandra went to the hospital after the fight for her broken nose. I think she has potential but she needs a lot of work. Enjoy the video!

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