Saturday, July 08, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Tecia Torres vs Juliana Lima

Here's the match video of Tecia Torres vs Juliana Lima from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. Tecia took this fight on short notice. She said she is waiting for Michelle Waterson. But when this fight came up, she called Sean Shelby and took the fight. For years Tecia trained at American Top Team in Florida. Now that she's engaged to Raquel Pennington, Tecia has moved to Colorado Springs, CO to train with Raquel at Elevation MMA. I don't think it will make much difference. Tecia is still a one dimensional striker with no power, a points fighter. Juliana is a mediocre fighter. Her main offense is lay and pray. Round one was pretty much what I expected from this, a snoozefest. Most of the round was clinching on the fence with neither fighter doing much of anything. Ref Chris Tognoni tried to get them to stop stalling but they kept going back to it. I scored the round 9-9. But at the start of round two, Juliana attempted a takedown. Tecia took her back and won with a rear naked choke. This was Tecia's first career stoppage. Does it mean she's improved? No it means Juliana is inept. She telegraphed the takedown attempt. And it was so slow that Tecia used her quickness to take her back. I was glad the fight was over so I didn't have to watch a 15 minute snoozefest. It's going to take more than one lucky move on a terrible opponent to change my perception of Tecia. Enjoy the video!

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