Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rin Nakai, Syuri get easy wins at PANCRASE 282

Rin Nakai and Syuri both appeared on Sunday's PANCRASE 282 at Differ Ariake. The show aired live on UFC Fight Pass. I did not watch the show live but I did watch both fights yesterday. Both fights suffered from the same problem. The original opponents pulled out and not surprisingly, the late replacements were terrible. Syuri's opponent was Sharma Debaia of The Philippines. She looked out of shape and out of her league. Syuri did so much stuff to her that the stoppage was probably late. I think Syuri has potential. But it's hard to tell against an opponent like this. Afterwards, Syuri applied the Cobra Twist on PANCRASE owner Masakazu Sakai as a gag. Syuri is very loyal to him as he started her in the business when he owned Hustle and she also worked for him when he owned SMASH. Obviously I would like to see her fight better opposition. When Rin's original opponent pulled out, she was replaced by Charlene Watt from New Zealand. Charlene usually works the Australian regional circuit. After Charlene tried a head kick, Rin took her down and pounded her until the ref stopped the fight midway through round two. It's what I expected. Afterwards, it was announced that Rin will fight Kanako Murata at the RIZIN New Year's Eve show. Kanako asked for the match after the last RIZIN show. She's probably not ready for Rin. And Kanako normally fights at Strawweight. This fight will be at Flyweight. If Rin can get off to a quick start, she should be able to overpower Kanako. Look at those arms. I like Kanako but I don't like the match.

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