Wednesday, November 09, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Lord Invader

Artist:Lord Invader
Song:New York Subway
Album:Calypso In New York

I think many have heard some calypso music but know very little about the artists. Lord Invader was a pioneer of calypso. He started out in the 30s and then moved to New York in the 40s. He was born Rupert Westmore Grant Dec. 13, 1914 in San Fernando, Trinidad. He first recorded for Bluebird and Decca in the late 30s. He first went to New York in 1941. Probably Lord Invader's best known song was Rum and Coca Cola. Comedian Morey Amsterdam heard the song while he was on a USO tour and he took credit for writing it and it was a smash it for The Andrews Sisters in 1945. Lord Invader moved to New York so he could sue Amsterdam. He won the lawsuit and he remained in New York. And that's why a lot of his songs talk about being a fish out of water in New York City. On the 1958 recording New York Subway, he talks about getting lost on the subway. Everyone can relate to that. He maintained a residence in Trinidad and he owned a club there. In the 50s, Lord Invader recorded for Smithsonian Folkways. And they have released this comp. it's worth checking out. Lord Invader died on Oct. 15, 1961 at age 56. Here's a video for New York Subway by Lord Invader.

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