Sunday, November 20, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Marion Reneau vs Milana Dudieva

Here's the match video of Marion Reneau vs Milana Dudieva from yesterday's UFC show in Ireland. Marion is from Visalia, CA trained by Bellator fighter Doug Marshall. She looked pretty good in her first couple of UFC fights. But she's looked terrible especially in her last fight. She lost a close decision to Ashlee Evans-Smith but neither fighter performed well. Milana may be the worst fighter in the UFC. She doesn't even look good when she wins. She's coming off of a pregnancy layoff. The first round isn't much. Neither fighter wants to commit to anything. Marion scores with a few punches late in the round to win 10-9. Marion does better in round two and she comes close to finishing Milana. And then she does finish her with a takedown and some ground and pound. So Marion gets a much needed win and Milana is still useless. Enjoy the video!

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