Monday, November 07, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Arisa Nakajima vs Kyoko Kimura

Here's the match video of Arisa Nakajima vs kyoko Kimura from the Nov. 3 JWP Korakuen Hall show. As I think most fans already know, Kyoko is retiring at the end of this year. So JWP owner Commando Bolshoi decided to give her a final run with the JWP Open Weight Championship. As JWP's current ace, Arisa wanted the title back. So Kyoko agreed to give her a title shot in a street fight. Arisa has done this kind of match in the past. But they wanted to emphasize that it's not her style. So she didn't bring any weapons to the ring. Of course Kyoko brought all kinds of stuff. The match is nothing special. Most of it has Kyoko grounding Arisa with weapons and Arisa overcoming that. Also, the one camera broadcast coverage is subpar. You can see for yourself. Of course Arisa wins the match and gets the title belt. But the big story is she then announces she will leave JWP to go freelance on Dec. 28. That is a big hole for JWP to fill. I wonder if the WWE has already called her. Enjoy the video!
{JWP} JWP Openweight Championship: ~Street... by NoCode1

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