Thursday, November 17, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jessy J

Artist:Jessy J
Song:The Tango Boy
Album:My One And Only One

Not to be confused with British pop singer Jessie J, this Jessy J is a sax player. She started out as a sideman and session musician and then she started recording as a leader a few years ago. She has had success in the Smooth Jazz market. My One And Only One is her latest album. She was born Jessica Arellano Dec. 20, 1982 in Portland, OR and she grew up in Hemet, CA. Her father is Mexican. She started out playing piano and as a teen, she took up the sax. She earned a degree in jazz studies at the University of Southern California. Then she started out as a studio musician and she toured with The Temptations, Jessica Simpson and Michael Bolton. She also starred in the touring company of the off-Broadway musical Blast!. So now she wants a record deal and one of her demos got the attention of Paul Brown. Brown is a Smooth Jazz guitarist himself. But he is mainly a producer. He took her on tour. Then he signed her to Concord's Peak label and he produced her 2008 album Tequila Moon. They decided to call her Jessy J. The J is foe Jazz. Brown continues to work with Jessy today. They write most of her songs and he plays guitar on her albums. Jessy now records for Shanachie. My One And Only One is her latest CD. A new Christmas CD California Christmas will be released next week. Jessy is currently on tour and I know she appears in Mexico frequently because she is half Mexican. I think Jessy has the talent to be a real jazz musician. But the Smooth Jazz market is very lucrative especially for an attractive girl like Jessy. Here's the video for The Tango Boy by Jessy J.

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