Sunday, November 13, 2016

Big Bad Blog Vdeo Theater-Raquel Pennington vs Miesha Tate

Here's the match video of Raquel Pennington vs Miesha Tate from last night's UFC show. Miesha is looking for a win to get her back into the title picture. Raquel has won her last two fights and is looking to get into the title picture. Miesha just seemed off during this fight. It was like she was a step behind Raquel through all three rounds. Raquel never came close to a finish. But she won an easy unanimous decision. And then Miesha announced her retirement. I guess she decided before the match that she would only continue if she won. I suggested last night that she probably doesn't want to be a gatekeeper. I think it's a great decision. Too many fighters hang on too long to fading careers. She accomplished a lot, including holding the UFC Bantamweight Championship, and now she wants to move on. Good luck to her. Enjoy the video!

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