Monday, November 14, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-David Soul

Artist:David Soul
Song:Don't Give Up On Us
Album:Don't Give Up On Us: The Very Best Of David Soul

David Soul is best known as the star of the 70s TV series Starsky & Hutch. But he also topped the charts here and in England with Don't Give Up On Us in 1976. It was his only hit here but he did better in England and Soul moved there in the 90s. Soul started out as a singer. He was born David Solberg Aug. 28, 1943 in Chicago. His father was a Lutheran minister and the family moved around a lot to places like Germany and Mexico. He could have been a baseball player. Soul turned down a contract with the Chicago White Sox to study political science at the University of the Americas in Mexico City. But then he got the music bug and moved back to the US. He got some notoriety appearing on The Merv Griffin Show as The Covered Man. He sang while wearing a mask. He released a couple of singles on MGM. The gimmick didn't help. But Soul signed with Columbia Pictures and he starred in the TV series' Here Comes The Brides and Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law. Then he starred in Starsky & Hutch and I think everyone knows him from that. But he still wanted to sing. So he signed with Private Stock Records. His 1976 album David Soul didn't sell. But then for his second album Playing To An Audence Of One, he went to England to work with legendary producer Tony Macaulay. Macaulay wrote and produced hits for groups like The Foundations and Edison Lighthouse. He wrote and produced Don't Give Up On Us and it topped the charts. It turned out to be his only hit in the US. Some of his other songs were hits in England. Soul continued to appear on TV. But he was never able to repeat the success of Starsky & Hutch. In the 90s, Soul moved to England and mostly appeared in live theater. He still turns up on TV occasionally. This 2CD budget comp covers Soul's 70s recordings. Here's the video for Don't Give Up On Us by David Soul.

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  1. Good song, it was right for the time. 1976. there was a lot of soft rock out that was very good quality and a lot of the public liked it. He did well with that and the TV series.