Monday, November 07, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Elliott Fisher and his Orchestra

Artist:Elliott Fisher and his Orchestra
Song:Theme From Our Man Flint
Album:Ultra-Lounge Vol. 4: Bachelor Pad Royale

Our fascination with electronic music began in the 60s. And of course the Moog synthesizer would become very common in the late 60s. So here's a guy who made that kind of space age music with a violin. Elliott Fisher was a session musician and arranger. In 1966, he recorded an album of secret agent themes. Fisher is from Philadelphia. He was a concert violinist for the first part of his career. He was a professor of music at Denver University and leader of the Busch Chamber Orchestra. But then his career took a swerve when film composer Paul Sawtell asked Fisher to create spooky sounds for the 1957 alien robot movie Kronos. This was before the creation of the moog synthesizer. Fisher used his violin to create these sounds. In he 60s, he became a go to guy for spooky sounds for TV or movies. Fisher also played violin on recording sessions. With the popularity of James Bond, Capitol Records hired Fisher to record an album of mostly James Bond themes but Our Man Flint is also on the album. Fisher's unique sounds were the selling point of the album. It's the only album Fisher recorded for Capitol. It was called Bang! Bang! Bang!. It has never been released on CD. But Capitol has released some of Fisher's recordings on their Ultra-Lounge series. Those who are into exotica should check it out. Fisher recorded one other album. But when electronic keyboards began making weird noises, it made Fisher's techniques obsolete and he went back to playing violin on sessions. Here's a video for Theme From Our Man Flint by Elliott Fisher.

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