Friday, September 23, 2016

Rin Nakai vs Priscila de Souza set for Nov. 13 PANCRASE show

Rin Nakai, Priscila de Souza
This morning PANCRASE announced that Rin Nakai will face Brazilian Priscila de Souza on the Nov. 13 Differ Ariake show. Despite the fact that Rin wants to fight at 125lb, this fight will be at 135lb. That's because Priscila has fought mostly at 135. Priscila trains at Parana Vale Tudo which is also the home for UFC Strawweight contender Jessica Andrade. Her record is 12-6. She is 27 years old. Priscila's problem is typical of Brazilian fighters plunked into these kind of fights. She has no international experience. And most of her experience is on the Brazilian regional circuit that is supposed to be for beginners but is sometimes used to pad records. For example, Priscila's last fight was a win over newcomer Luana Carvalho on the Jan. 24 Baixada Top Fight show. Priscila shouldn't even be on a show like this. A win like that is just a number because that level of competition doesn't help her improve. But sometimes promoters only care about the numbers especially when a fighter is being brought in to lose to a star like Rin Nakai. "Look, we brought someone in all the way from Brazil." If you saw Syuri's post match interview after her last win, she took a jab at PANCRASE bringing in a teenage Brazilian fighter. "Well, she's very pretty." Obviously this is a big leap in competition level for Priscila. And the funniest thing is at 5 feet tall, she's shorter than Rin. My big question for Rin is will she stop screwing around early in fights and be more aggressive.

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