Wednesday, September 28, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Mick Jagger

Artist:Mick Jagger
Song:Memo From Turner
Album:The Very Best Of Mick Jagger

Of course everyone knows Mick Jagger as lead singer of The Rolling Stones. But he has recorded occasional solo projects. Memo From Turner was Jagger's very first solo recording for the 1968 film Performance. Jagger has been involved in film production for many years and he still is today. He was born July 26, 1943 in Dartford, Kent, England. He met Keith Richards in school and they have been together ever since as leaders of The Rolling Stones. Jagger started getting into films in the late 60s. His first film was Performance which was produced in 1968 and released in 1970. Apparently director Nicolas Roeg convinced Warner Bros. that he was making a light hearted romp a la A Hard Day's Night and they weren't very happy when the film was much darker. Also The Rolling Stones were supposed to record the soundtrack but Jagger and Richards weren't getting along at the time. So instead Los Angeles session musician Jack Nitzsche composed the score and it was conducted by Randy Newman. Jagger performed Memo From Turner and other songs on the soundtrack were performed by Merry Clayton and Buffy Saine-Marie. Ry Cooder and Lowell George are among the musicians who appear on the album. And yes, that is Cooder playing guitar on Memo From Turner. It wasn't a new song. The Rolling Stones recorded it in 1968 but it wasn't released. Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi of Traffic recorded it but it wasn't released. Jagger's recording of Memo From Turner was released as a single from the Performance soundtrack. That's not available on CD but Memo From Turner is on this Jagger comp from Rhino. Over the years, Jagger has recorded five solo albums. But he's never had a solo hit single probably because he doesn't care to promote himself as a solo artist. He has scored hits with The Jacksons (State Of Shock) and David Bowie (Dancing in the Streets). Because The Rolling Stones are still active, he doesn't need a solo outlet very much. Jagger is still involved with films mostly as a producer. He was behind the now cancelled HBO series Vinyl. That was a show with a lot of potential that just didn't deliver. Here's Mick Jagger performing Memo From Turner in the 1968 film Performance.

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