Sunday, September 18, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Stan Getz & Bill Evans

Artist:Stan Getz & Bill Evans
Song:WNEW (Theme Song)
Album:Stan Getz & Bill Evans

This album was the only time jazz legends Stan Getz and Bill Evans worked in the recording studio together. There are live recordings but this is the only studio recording. It was recorded in 1964 when both were at the height of their popularity. Getz had great success with his bossa nova recordings. The hit Girl From Ipanema made him a mainstream star. Evans was off heroin at the time and he got a lot of critical acclaim for his 1963 album Conversations With Myself. So Verve producer Creed Taylor couldn't wait to bring them together in the recording studio. This album was recorded May 1964 at Rudy Van Gelder's studio in New Jersey. It was a two day session. Elvin Jones was on drums and Richard Davis played bass on one day and Ron Carter on the second day. One would think that Verve couldn't wait to release this album featuring two of their most popular artists. But they didn't like it and Verve decided to shelve it. The album was finally released in 1973 and then released on CD in 1988 with several bonus tracks including this theme for the New York radio station WNEW. It's available as a budget CD and it's worth getting especially for Getz fans. The two did a live recording for Milestone Records in 1974. But I think Verve missed an opportunity by not releasing this album when it was recorded in the 60s. Here's a video for WNEW (Theme Song) by Stan Getz & Bill Evans.

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