Wednesday, September 21, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Katy Perry

Artist:Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of today's most successful pop stars and the 2013 single Roar is one of her biggest hits. She seemed to come out of nowhere in 2008. But it actually took many years for her to be an overnight success. She was born Katy Hudson Oct. 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, CA. Her parents are Pentecostal ministers. So Katy wasn't allowed to listen to secular music while growing up. They listened to gospel music in the home. Katy sang in church and briefly studied opera after graduating high school. She was spotted by Contemporary Christian singer songwriter Jennifer Knapp who brought Katy to Nashville to get a record contract. She signed with Pamplin Music's Red Hill label and released the CCM album Katy Hudson in 2001. The album didn't sell and Red Hill was closed. Katy moved to Los Angeles and changed her name to Katy Perry to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson. In 2004, she signed with Glen Ballard's Java label and started working on an album. Ballard produced Alanis Morrissette. But Ballard's label never got going and he sent her to Columbia. For the next two years, she worked on an album. But Columbia planned to make her part of a group. She didn't want that so she left in 2006. While working as a studio singer, a Columbia exec took her demos to Virgin Records chairman Jason Flom. He signed her to Capitol Records and sent her to producer Dr. Luke to work on her first hit single. That turned out to be I Kissed A Girl and it was not only Katy's breakthrough hit but it was one of the biggest hits of 2008. The rest is history because now everything Katy does turns to platinum. I'm sure her parents weren't very happy with I Kissed A Girl or her sexy image. By the 2013 album Prism, Katy Perry has established her dance pop formula. She wanted to make a darker album especially after her marriage to Russell Brand ended. It didn't turn out that way because her producers wouldn't allow it. Why kill the golden goose? So Roar is a very anthemic girl power song and it was a huge hit. Prism is available as a budget CD and there is also a deluxe edition. Katy has been working on a new album. A couple of singles have been released including Rise during the 2016 Summer Olympics. She told Ryan Seacrest that she's not rushing the album. I expect we will see it in 2017. Here's the video for Roar by Katy Perry.

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