Friday, September 30, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Alain Bashung

Artist:Alain Bashung
Song:Vertige L'Amour
Album:Master Serie Vol. 1

Alain Bashung started out in the 60s. But he became one of France's most popular pop singers in the 80s. Vertige L'Amour was his only number one single but his albums sold very well. He is unknown outside French speaking countries. He was born Dec. 1, 1947 in Paris. After his mother remarried, he was sent to live with his stepfather's parents and they didn't speak French. He got into music when he was given a harmonica. Bashung moved back to Paris in 1959. He was a big Buddy Holly fan. He studied accounting for a while. Then he dropped out of school and formed a band. It was a cover band. For a while he worked as a house arranger for RCA. He wasn't having much luck trying to record his own music until he got together with lyricist Boris Bergman in 1977. Bashung signed with Barclay Records and he released an album in 1979. His breakthrough hit Gaby Oh Gaby reached #2 on the French charts in 1980. And this was followed by Vertige L'Amour which topped the charts. And so did Bashung's 1981 album Pizza. Soon after he split with Bergman. But they would reunite after Bashung's next couple of albums didn't do well. Bashung liked to alternate pop albums with darker music and sometimes it hurt his album sales. His 1991 album Osez Josephine gave him his greatest success since Vertige L'Amour. This time Bashung was able to sustain his success and he was one of France's biggest stars in the 90s. He started acting as well. Bashung's success continued until he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he died on Mar. 14, 2009 at age 61. This comp is a good intro to his music. Today Alain Bashung is considered a rock music legend in France. Here's the video for Vertige L'Amour by Alain Bashung.

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