Tuesday, September 06, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Love and Theft

Artist:Love and Theft
Song:Angel Eyes
Album:Love and Theft

Love and Theft started out as a trio but reduced to a duo by the time they scored their 2011 number one country hit Angel Eyes. One of the problems I see is they have released three albums on three different labels. It's hard to get any kind of consistent promotion bouncing around like that. They do write their own songs. Love and Theft was formed in 2006 by Stephen Barker Liles, Eric Gunderson and Brian Bandas. Love and Theft was the title of a Bob Dylan album. All three guys sing lead and write songs. After performing at an ASCAP showcase, they signed with Disney owned Lyric Street Records and the 2009 CD World Wide Open was released on Lyric Street's Carolwood label. Unfortunately, Carolwood was soon closed and Disney closed Lyric Street in 2010. Love and Theft signed with RCA in 2011. By this time, Bandas left the group to spend more time with his new wife and launch a t-shirt company. The 2012 album Love and Theft produced the number one country hit Angel Eyes. The album was produced by veteran RCA house producer Josh Leo. Gunderson wrote Angel Eyes with singer songwriter Eric Paslay and Jeff Coplan who produced the first Love and Theft album. So now they were on their way. Love and Theft recorded their next album and Night that You'll Never Forget was released as a single in 2014. But then Love and Theft left RCA and the album was scrapped. Love and Theft told Billboard they don't really know why RCA dropped them. RCA claims they spent a lot of money on Love and Theft and weren't getting much in return. Other than Angel Eyes, their music wasn't catching on. Love and Theft self released the 2015 album Whiskey On My Breath and they have now signed with Curb Records. They will re-release that CD. Love and Theft is currently on tour. Even if this doesn't work out, both guys can make a good living as songwriters. Here's the video for Angel Eyes by Love and Theft.

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