Friday, September 09, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Eddy Raven

Artist:Eddy Raven
Song:I Got Mexico
Album:All American Country

Eddy Raven had success as a Nashville songwriter before he finally broke through as a recording artist with his 1984 number one country hit I Got Mexico. Raven first recorded in 1962. So it was a long road. He was born Edward Futch Aug. 19, 1944 in Lafayette, LA so he brings that Cajun flavour to country music. His family moved to Georgia and Raven cut a single in 1962 while working at a radio station. He moved back to Lafayette and he worked in a local record shop. The shop owner also owned a record label so Raven recorded a few singles and the 1969 album That Cajun Country Sound. Country music star Jimmy C. Newman heard the album and signed Raven to a songwriting deal. Raven scored his first hit as a songwriter with the 1971 Don Gibson hit Country Green. Raven also wrote the 1982 Oak Ridge Boys hit Thank God For Kids. In the 70s, Raven recorded for ABC, Monument and Dimension with little success. Then he signed with Elektra for the 1981 album Desperate Dreams. He scored his first top ten country hit with She's Playing Hard To Forget in 1982. But management problems forced a move to RCA. The 1984 album I Could Use Another You was produced by Paul Worley who had been a session musician and this would be the start of a long career as a producer. I Got Mexico was the first single and it was Raven's first number one country hit. Raven was a regular at the top of the country charts for the next few years. He left RCA in 1988 and had modest success for MCA and Capitol. In the 90s, Raven recorded for smaller labels like Intersound. He last recorded in 2005 but he still tours. This budget comp covers the RCA recordings. Here's Eddy Raven performing I Got Mexico on Nashville Now 1993.

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